Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Quickly enough the days often turn over into nights and nights into days. And yet our overwhelming thoughts that turn in our heads just create for one lump sum of time in which things are stagnant and overwhelmingly transparent. They spew from us like liquid truth. When we are alone we can often clean up the mess and hide the remnants. But the truth is, we all spew and those truly amazing people in our lives are the ones that can be transparent with us.
Spew: We pray over and over for a break in the consequences and yet despite our best effort to please we are overwhelmed with the reality that we screw up. We are left with our shame, our guilt and again our minds with no comfort to speak of. Why does life have to be so prize seeking? From diplomas to rings to the big checks, we are all after something. Yet when we meet people who are seeking an alternative goal we are quick to run fr them because they might be in our way to the goal we are currently after. Sometimes goals are stereotyped to our age and gender, so much so that people will run from just the thought if what we might be after. Get over yourselves. I am here to live my life not according to your rules. Yes I am lonely but I do not want your ring. I want your company. I want your honesty. I want your hand in mine on nights like this when the world is quiet and my thoughts resonate. I want fun and skating rinks. I want your company to musicals and I want to be your company to the big game. I want your kiss but then I want you to linger not in lust but in purity. I want you to long for me and wait for me. I want to give the same to you. I want to be persued. I want you to make me a priority and I want you to be my person. Give me your love. That's all I want. And I'll give you lavender. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

She stood up and it made a difference.

She put on her organic cotton top and threw her hemp bag over her shoulder. She was giving those pseudo leather mary janes a run for their money as she made her way to the bus stop. She waited patiently, because the earth was her passion. She stood up against the sign, and it made a difference in someones life.
She passed that bus stop and caught a glimpse of the lady standing with recycled pants. It touched her heart; the passion she saw and she drove to work with her on her mind.
She put up a picture of a young 12 year old face on her 9-5 desk. It was her baby sister who had been diagnosed that weekend, with a syndrome that would kill her. Its something they will face together; she made that promise last night. She put up a picture, and made a difference in someone's life.
She passed her desk and saw the innocence face. She went back to her cubical. It touched her heart; the love she saw and she drove to the hotel that night with her on her mind.
She woke that morning in her favorite place. His arms were around her, but the band of promise to another glittered in the fresh sun light. He kissed her good morning and then jumped in the shower. She got out of bed, and made a promise to her self and to his wife. She had made up her mind, so she made up the bed and slipped out the door, and made a difference in someone's life
She checked her out from Room 23 and saw the pain in her eyes. She had seen them here before and knew that this was the goodbye. It touched her heart; the sadness she saw and she clocked out of her shift with her on her mind.
She stayed up all night writing that letter. She hadn't seen her friend in years and to think what had ruined their relationship made her cry. They had met when they were three, and now at 24 she wept for what they had lost. That morning she put on her scarf and hat and ran outside to the mailbox. She held the letter with both hands and kissed it goodbye in hopes of another hello. She stayed up, and made a difference in someone's life.
She reached in her P.O Box for the very last time. Piled among the final bills, was a familiar script of her beloved friend. Tears began before she even read the words, and the bottle she held so tightly began to loosen her grip. After reading the letter, she knew she needed to make the call. She picked up the phone, said she'd like to check into their facilities, and made a difference in someone's life.
She passed by with her stroller running down the road. It touched her heart; the apology in her hand and in her voice and she kept on running with her on her mind.
She had spent all day and most of the night with her on her mind. She rolled over to her husband around 2 and whispered can we talk. He knew that this was important because normally she was like a log, and so he wiped the sleep from his eyes and listened to her words. She said she wanted to go do mission work, because she pained for the babies she saw. He said I feel this too and Ive been meaning to talk to you. She cried and he cried, and they held each other through the night. Over coffee at the bagel shop that morning the discussed their future. She woke up and it made a difference in someones life.
She passed by her while on route to her daily morning brew. She saw their hands intertwined and the calling on their lips. It touched her heart, their hands outstretched and she was on her mind while she sipped her coffee and placed her finger on James chapter five.
She stood up that following Sunday with that same book at her side. All the hers were on her mind and she decided it was time. She spoke up for them all and gave them a glimpse of Her grace. She spoke to all the yous and all the I's and she's and we's. She spoke to all the they's and even the he's and the me's.
She wanted to know that he gave up his whole life and it made a difference in someone's life. So that all the hers and all the shes can stand up, sit up, shut up, listen up, speak up, put up, wake up, stay up, chin up, write up, take up, give up, run up and live up the lives we were given that day.