Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Quickly enough the days often turn over into nights and nights into days. And yet our overwhelming thoughts that turn in our heads just create for one lump sum of time in which things are stagnant and overwhelmingly transparent. They spew from us like liquid truth. When we are alone we can often clean up the mess and hide the remnants. But the truth is, we all spew and those truly amazing people in our lives are the ones that can be transparent with us.
Spew: We pray over and over for a break in the consequences and yet despite our best effort to please we are overwhelmed with the reality that we screw up. We are left with our shame, our guilt and again our minds with no comfort to speak of. Why does life have to be so prize seeking? From diplomas to rings to the big checks, we are all after something. Yet when we meet people who are seeking an alternative goal we are quick to run fr them because they might be in our way to the goal we are currently after. Sometimes goals are stereotyped to our age and gender, so much so that people will run from just the thought if what we might be after. Get over yourselves. I am here to live my life not according to your rules. Yes I am lonely but I do not want your ring. I want your company. I want your honesty. I want your hand in mine on nights like this when the world is quiet and my thoughts resonate. I want fun and skating rinks. I want your company to musicals and I want to be your company to the big game. I want your kiss but then I want you to linger not in lust but in purity. I want you to long for me and wait for me. I want to give the same to you. I want to be persued. I want you to make me a priority and I want you to be my person. Give me your love. That's all I want. And I'll give you lavender. 

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