Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Instill 4:12 May Newsletter

Instill 4:12 and Families,
April has been an amazing month of service and community. We started with Madhouse and have continued to grow in our understanding of being the church throughout this month.
As May begins, I ask that you continue to be in prayer with us as we enter into a series called “Stuck Like Glue”. In this sermon series, we will be talking about sticky faith. The glue of sticky faith is comprised of scripture and our identity. Scripture, or God’s word, allows us to continually be connected with God and grow in our understanding of who God is and what God wants for our lives, or our callings. Our identity is continually being changed, but one thing that is for sure is that from scripture we can gain a more complete understanding of who we are by gaining a deeper understanding of who God is. So this month, the Instill Class of 2011 will be preaching what it means for them to be “Stuck Like Glue”. However, we want this message of scripture and identity to not end at church. We are asking that all Instill 4:12 families will covenant with us this month to study scripture and learn about God’s vision for our identity. In order to make this simple and enjoyable, we have provided a list of scripturally based identities with bible passages connected to them. We ask that you and your family make a commitment to plan out when you will read these scriptures and further understand God’s identity for our lives.
There is also a list of calendared events listed below as a reminder of all the Instill 4:12 activities we have planned for the months of May, June, July and August.

In Grace Abundant,
Alli Kemp
Instill 4:12 May – Stuck Like Glue Family Guide

God’s Vision for My Identity
Below is a list of names that describe God’s vision for your identity from Scripture. Some of them may make you uncomfortable. Some of them may make you laugh. Good. Take time as you’re reading to hear God say them about you, and about the Church.
Image of God Genesis 1:26
God’s Delight Isaiah 62:4
The Redeemed of the Lord Isaiah 62:12
Sought Out/Desirable Isaiah 62:12
Not Forsaken Isaiah 62:12
Salt of the earth Matthew 5:13
Light of the world Matthew 5:14, Ephesians 5:8
Beloved John 15:9
Temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 3:16, 6:19-20
New Creation 2 Corinthians 5:17
Chosen 1 Peter 2:9
Royal Priest 1 Peter 2:9
The Holy People/Nation 1 Peter 2:9, Isaiah 62:12
Child of God 1 John 3:1, Galatians 3:26
Bride of Christ/God Revelation 19:7,8

Imagine yourself a year from now. Write down words or phrases that describe who you hope to be in the following areas…

In my relationship with God, I want to be…

In my relationship with my family, I want to be…

In my relationship with current friends, I want to be…

In my relationship with new friends, I want to be…

In the way I think and feel about myself, I want to be…

In my job or studies, I want to be…

Based on the words and phrases you’ve jotted above, write a 3-5 sentence description of who you want to be a year from now:
A year from now I want to be…

May 2011– Stuck Like Glue Sermon Series
1-Senior Sunday; No Sunday School; Jump 6:30 pm
4-Lift 6:30 pm
6- 4:12 Ministries Morning with Mom 9:00-10:30 $5 per person
8-Mothers Day; Jump 6:30 pm
11- Lift 6:30 pm
13-14 Relay for Life
15- No Sunday School; Confirmation Sunday
18- Lift 6:30 pm
20-28- Honduras
22 – Jump 6:30 pm
25- Lift 6:30 pm
29- No Jump; Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 12-1:30 pm
June 2011– Flip Flop Faith Sermon Series
1-Movies in the Park TBA
18-4:12 Ministries Father/Daughter Crazy Cotillion 7-9 pm
19-SUMMER SIZZLE 6:30-8:30 pm
22-Movies in the Park TBA
24-25 All night EXTRAVAGANZA- Dropoff – 6:30 pm– Pickup 6:30 am Church 7-12th
26-2 OMP SR High
July 2011– Flip Flop Faith Sermon Series
3-No Sunday School; No Summer Sizzle
4- 4:12 Ministries Maumelle Parade Float TBD
6-Movies in the Park TBA
7- Travelers Baseball Game Meet at the Church 6 pm
10-16 OMP SR High
17-Last Day to Register for Mystery Tour
21-23 VBS Work Day- Instill 4:12 Volunteers Needed
23– VBS Volunteer Meeting 3pm
24-VBS Begins at 6:00-8:30
24-29 VBS 6:00- 8:30 Instill 4:12 Volunteers Needed
30- VBS Cleanup day
August 2011– Flip Flop Faith Summer Sermon Series
2-8 Mystery Tour
9- 20 4:12 Ministries Under Construction Volunteers Needed
21- Last Summer Sizzle 6:30- 8 pm; Volunteer Training 2-4 pm Location TBA
28- Vision Night 2011-2012 5 pm; FLY MISSION TRAINING 9-12th 7 pm

Sunday School – 7th-8th- 9:30-10:30 Every Sunday unless stated otherwise
Jump– Sunday Nights- 6:30-8:30
Lift– Wednesday- 6:30- 8

Fall 2011 Preview
September 4th- No Sunday School
September 9th- 2nd Annual Wacky Tacky Back to School Night
September 10th- Back to Sunday School Bash
September 11th- First Sunday School
September 11th First Jump
September 15th- First Lift

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