Thursday, June 23, 2011

July Newsletter.

Instillers and parents,

Our summer has started with a bang with the Messy Olympics, All-Night Extravaganza and so far two Ozark Mission Projects just in the month of June. We also have had a kick off for Summer Sizzle Sundays and our summer sermon series Flip Flop Faith. This summer we are talking all about Faith; we began talking about what our faith is comprised off: scripture, experience, community, worship, tradition, and service. We will continue talking about faith throughout the summer.
I love summer so much, but in student ministries a lot of what happens in the summer is planning and preparing for the fall. I have been in prayer about where God is visioning student ministries to go this year. Our power team has already met and planned out some amazing sermon series that have the power to transform the lives of our students. Check out all the dates for the summer sermon series and all the other events taking place in July and August.
God’s vision for Instill 4:12 Student Ministries is that it is a place of movement. In God’s vision and power, we plan to take Instill 4:12 to a new place by this time next year. We believe God’s vision incorporates all areas of our ministry including worship, service, and relationships both with God and our friends. With this in mind, we are hoping two things from you. First is that you will join us August 28th for Vision Night. All families of First Church are invited to attend this night. Second, we ask that you be in continual prayer about what your commitment will be for Student Ministry this year. We would like to challenge everyone to volunteer in some way for Student Ministries. Student Ministry needs a strong volunteer base in order to be successful in working towards the vision that God has laid out. We want everyone at First Church to be connected to this amazing ministry where God is moving and changing lives.
Finally, the power team and I would like to request continual prayers as we continually plan for this school year. We want every event to in some way add to the movement that God is bringing to Instill 4:12.

In grace abundant,

Alli Kemp

Mystery Tour
Mystery tour is August 2-8th!
1) How do I sign up for Mystery Tour?
This year we are going through Little Rock Tours for Mystery Tour. Therefore, there are two ways to sign up, both of which are online. The first way is directly through Little Rock Tours through this website: 

Using this method, you have to pay with a credit card and you must pay the whole price all at once.
The second way to sign up is through the First Church Maumelle Registration Site:
Using the maumelle website you can pay installments until July 24th.
2) What is the cost?
The cost of Mystery Tour is $575. You now might be asking why is it so expensive, and the answer is expansive. We are taking chartered buses, because last year our church vans proved to not be so reliable in the long distance. Also, breakfast and dinner is included in the price. The out of pocket expense when your student arrives will be lunch each day and souveniers. The trip is really amazing and will be completely worth the money spent.
3) Who can go to Mystery Tour?
All students entering 7-12th grade are able to attend Mystery Tour. Also, we need parent volunteers for this trip. The trip will be fun for all ages. Parent volunteers will have to pay to attend, but we know that you will have a great time meeting new parents and the trip will be just as fun for you.
4) Are there any scholarships?
We will not have any scholarships for Mystery Tour. However, at each Summer Sizzle we will have give aways for small amount coupons for Mystery Tour. So come to summer sizzle at 6:30 on Sunday and you might win a small coupon for Mystery Tour.
5) Are we doing any fund raisers?
Yes, we will be doing fund raisers. Keep watch out in your email and texts for fund raiser dates.
WE NEED YOU TO SIGN UP ASAP because Little Rock Tours is trying to stay in contact with us and work out all the details and the better idea they have of how many people going the better they can plan for our trip.
Also you can sign up by calling Alli Mon-Thursday from 9-5 at 5014549858 or 5018512377. Or emailing Alli at You can also reach me at these places for any further questions.

Ozark Mission Project
First Church Maumelle will send a total of 54 youth and 14 adults to Ozark Mission Project this summer. As you are receiving this newsletter, one group is in Hot Springs working with neighbors from the area; fixing porches, painting houses, building wheel chair ramps. Ozark Mission Project is truly an amazing opportunity for our youth and adults of our church. In an effort to send more youth to this amazing week of service, we have discounted the price for the students. If you would be interested in ponsoring a student that went or will be going to Ozark Mission Project 2011, please contact the church office at 501.851.2377. In sponsoring a student, your student will send you a letter letting you know the projects that they worked on and about the neighbors that they had the pleasure to work with. Our theme this summer was Sustain from Isaiah 46:3-4, and we discussed, prayed and discovered that our God sustains us no matter circumstance. We are in continual prayer that this amazing opportunity of Ozark Mission Project for our students at First Church will be sustained, and we need sponsors, big or small, to create this experience. I hope you will join us in Ozark Mission Project, and the joy, love, and power of God that is experienced in its midst.
For Ozark Mission Project 2012, we will begin taking sponsors this coming September.

4:12 Ministries Under Construction
Beginning August 9th and lasting through August 27th, 4:12 Ministries will be undergoing a facelift of many sorts. During this time, the church areas connected with children and student ministry will be cleaned, organized, fixed, rearranged and made ready for the upcoming school year. We will then kickoff the school year August 28th with Vision Night! WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please sign up for a day or afternoon that you can join us in 4:12 Ministries Under Construction. Contact Michele or Alli at 501.851.2377 Monday-Thursday from 9-5.

Summer Sizzle
Summer Sizzle will continue through the month of July and August on July 10th, July 17th, and August 14th. Join us on these Sundays for our sermon series Flip Flop Faith at 6:30 pm in the Instillary.
Text Messaging
Our main method of communication in Student Ministry is through Text Messaging so if you want to receive texts from Instill 4:12 email your number, name and service provider to

Volunteers for the Fall
We are beginning sign ups for Volunteers for the Fall for Student Ministry. If you are interested in volunteering, please email and she will send you an email with Job Description.

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