Saturday, March 28, 2009

I wish to be...

I wish to be a happy accident.  Not by birth, neither bastard nor unsuspected, nor in death an occurance by bus, plane or car which leads to fortune under a roof in which I endear.  I wish to be a happy accident in life.  A person by their mere luck or happenstance arrives at moments in which they could not be welcomed more warmly or upon better occasion. A person that flows throwing flowers upon the walls creating masterpieces and lives as if with each movement of her cloak sends waves of delight upon the rest of creation. This happy accident does not fiddle with plans or date books because she is arrives at always the correct moment and if she were to stumble it would only create blessings and never destruction.  
This happy accident is often creating what some might see as messes and yet many who understand the nature of happy accidents would see the beauty that would manifest from her doings and undoings.  
Her slightest movement of tying her shoe or scribbling with a child creates radiance like the sun.  From her mouth flows only truth, because truth is the only accident which could bring happiness.  
She is loved by all, and hated by many.  But despite everything, it is her summit that brings most clarity. For when she happily and accidentally leaves this world, she leaves a little less chaos behind, much happiness, and much more peace. 

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