Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my mother is pro-choice and im alive

Everyday I pass by people holding signs saying "Fetus are babies too" and "Right to life".  The people holding their signs hold their rosaries and pray to God that this "injustice" will stop. 
I pray to God that this judgement will stop.  
Although, I have never had an abortion, I can only imagine that it is not a fun experience. I bet never has there been a woman who has skipped into the abortion clinic like a child into Chuck E. Cheese ready to trade in her golden ticket for the chance of a lifetime.  I bet most women if not all  go into the experience scared to freakin death.  From what many women refer to as a pregnancy scare, to holding a positive test in their hand, to walking through the doors of the clinic, I would imagine their is absolutely no joy in the occasion.  I don't know the stories of all the women who have ever had an abortion, but I would imagine the consensus would be that they felt alone, scared, crazed, out of control. For those women who have had numerous abortions, Im sure that they feel numb. Absolutely and utterly numb.  Being numb has never been a feeling I have enjoyed and it is often accompanied by loneliness, depression, and other not so good feelings. They, despite their personal convictions, Im sure feel shame pouring down on their head.  I would imagine that it would be something along the lines of being stoned in the middle ages, although I have to say I have never experienced that either. The absolute last thing I would want would be more stones thrown at me while Im trying to bade myself into making absolutely the hardest decision that I have ever made in my entire life. 
I would imagine that the folks who are standing on this corner think they have their hearts in the right places.
But if I were the one walking into the abortion clinic, I wouldnt want someone standing on the street corner praying for me. I would want someone to hold my shaking hand.  
What about you?

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  1. WOW...so true and something that people really need to take into consideration. I'm sure it's not something that women "look forward" to. Thanks for sharing your insight on this. I am reading "The Atonement Child" by Francine Rivers...along the same lines as your post.