Saturday, October 10, 2009

The purpose of roosters

Im having a hard time finding a place to start in order to update you all about my life in Honduras. There have been so many new experiences and things that have happened since Ive gotten here that have been life changing. The stir of emotions ranges from fear to anxiety to anger to impatience to joy to sadness and to happiness. It seems however that ever event that has occured has seemed to have one thing in common. I am learning constantly and often times I learn unexpected things from completely unexpected places.
I will start with my disgust of the rooster. Every morning starting around 4am the roosters around Casa de Esperanza start crowing. Its like a stadium wave of rooster crowing for three hours of essential sleep time. I was talking to the nanny yesterday and was trying to tell her about my disgust for the rooster in my broken spanish. This lady has become one of my best friends since I have gotten here and I find amazing peace and joy in her presence. When I told her my disgust for the rooster, she different offer any advice to either get over it or buy some earplugs. She started talking about the bible and how the rooster is an important reminder that we belong to God just as it was a reminder to Peter in the bible. For some reasons her words struck an chord with me. In other words, she was saying turn your frustration into hope. Turn your anger into joy. Remember that God uses all things to show us of his presence.
Another one of those occurances was yesterday. A baby came in to Casa de Esperanza having been burned over much of her body by a pot of boiling water. I was put in charge to bathe the baby and give her its medicine. At about 830 last night the mom wanted to take it to the hospital because its feet were swelling. And so we trecked out on foot in the dark to the hospital, the mom, the baby, the grandmother, kimberly and me. We waited there for about 3 hours for the mom to see the doctor and for the baby to be given more medicine. The mom told us she needed to go pee and walked to the back of the hospital. Kimberly waited a few minutes and started walking to the gate. There the gateman told us that the baby, the grandma and the mom had took off running. I asked Kimberly why and she said because we are Moskito and we have many believes. I dont know what made the lady take off running, but I do know that I last night after waiting three hours I learned both a lesson of patience and a lesson in the understanding of culture.
These are only a few incidences that have made an impact on me here in Honduras. I never thought to imagine that I am entering into the lives of an entire city in another country. A country with a different language. A different culture. Different believes. I am experiencing life with these people for an entire year. I am going to their weddings and to their funerals. I experience births and deaths. I am here to wipe their tears and to laugh at their jokes. I am here to love them unconditionally. I am here to learn about a new people, a new culture, and a knew lanuage. I am also here to learn more about myself and to gain an independence I never thought I could own. I am trying to find hope and joy in all of these places. I am trying to live in hope. I am trying to see God always in front of me and to know that he is always at my right hand. I still know that I have a lot of growing to do. I know that I dont want to eat anymore rice and beans. I know that Gods grace is everpresent and ever moving. I know that perservenance is key. I know that I love to Lord with all my heart and my faith has grown tremendously.
Thank you for supporting me on this journey. Thank you for helping find purpose in all of lifes many experiences. Thank you for loving me 1,200 miles away. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Allison, 2 words -- KEEP TRYING
    You are doing great. I'm really proud of you. I love you and miss you. KEEP TRYING!
    -Aunt Marion

  2. I'm SO SO SO proud of you. You have the experience of a lifetime and it sounds like you are making the most of it! My prayers are with you. Please let me know if my church can do anything for you!