Monday, August 31, 2009

Greetings from Honduras

Hola everyone! Well I made it to Honduras. I flew into San Pedro Sula with Dr. Brian last on the 21st of August. There I was met by Dr. Marienne. Dr. Brian, Dr. Marienne and I all drove to La Ceiba that night where we stayed for the night. That next day we got on a place to Puerto Lempira. The plane was very small and we flew into a dirt air strip. At the airport I was met by lots of smiling faces: Katrina, the missionary, Mary, the physical therapist who was here a month, a lot of the kids from House of Hope and Tara another volunteer. They grabbed our bags and put me in a truck. The roads are all dirt with lots of pot holes. Im making Arkansas proud by showing all the Honduras how well we can drive four-wheelers lol. I actually drive a little boy to kindergarden every morning in a fourwheeler. Anyways, they showed me to my room which is in the guest house. There is no air conditioner, but I do have a ceiling fan when the electricity is on. The electricity goes out about 3 in the morning and stays off until about 10 in the morning. I have a toilet, a shower, and a sink. My room also comes with an alarm clock: a rooster. Every morning around five the rooster starts its song telling me its time to start my day. In the downstairs of the guest house is a small living room/ kitchenette area where I teach all my classes. I am teaching three classes a day. In the morning I homeschool the missionaries daughter. Around 11 I teach a preschool class, in spanish, and in the afternoon after lunch I teach an english class to students who can speak english but can not read or write it. I also help cook and serve the meals some. I made tortillas from scratch the other day. I also washed my clothes on a board and hung them on a line to dry. It took me pratically all day, but Im hoping I will continue to get faster.
The first couple of days I was here I was doing great and loving everything. I think thats what they call the honey-moon period lol. The next couple of days I got really sad and missed home a lot. I would start to cry in the middle of my classes. Im doing a lot better now. This year will be hard but I am going to persevere. I think Josh said it best. I said I would really just love to have someone here from home. And he said well when your home youre going to want someone from there. I was able to use the internet today in the missionaries house. I dont know how often I will be able to use it but I hope I can give you updates about once a month.
Im going to have to leave you but I hope you will continue to pray for me. I love all of you dearly. My visa runs up in February and I will be home then for a few days. I will then return here for another six months and leave.
I love my life here and the people. God continues to bless me everyday and show me that this is where I am meant to be. Its not easy by any means, but I guess He never said it would be.
I love you and God bless

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