Wednesday, January 14, 2009

allison unpub.

i put your picture there. the one when you had lots of hair.
i put it in the front. to be sure id see it. i made you important. most important. i put you first. that was my mistake.
you are worthy. noteworthy. you deserve greatness because you are greatness.
just thought i would tell you that.
to you, more so in you, i find no regrets.
regrets perhaps of that i did. i shouldve loved you more. held you more. said more, said less. doesnt matter.
i am not unhappy and this flows easy.
you taught me something. something of worth. value. Gold.
a friend of mine you are, and a friend of mine you will stay.
monday night often is cold and black. but tuesday always seems a little bit brighter.
you enjoy that moment. this moment. every moment.
holding on for longer as i got pulled away with boredom.
hands locked showed no signs of our strength.
cracked ribs and skinned knees. it felt like that i promise.
you say i've never been there, but i tell you now that i have.
broken glass is merely a parted sea. moses knew that liquid moved slow.
experience would have done us some good. but experience was not something you gave me.
i asked why and you said youth was something that was of worth.
i scorned you and pleaded. you cried and fleeted.
you dream of much, but with dreams you seldom soar.
i dream of little, but am mounted on those of others.
you know what you want, and dont arise to the day.
i know nothing of want, and greet it with misfortune.
i know nothing of this plan, young man. boy.
20 dollars a week i put towards hatred. you love it.
i do not smoke. i boil sponges on a bunson burner.
O to the H belongs only in that order
with in the scarlett gravy of this world.
bears agree with me. infact, their spouses would agree.
you do too and so does the cowboy.
People. love. us. remember it's worth.
walgreens is open. crowd surfers loved october. we won't see the costumes.
the treats on me. or was it the trick.
finders keeper. losers weeper. i guess you know who the loser is.
i knew nothing of your cake delight. i knew nothing but that butter went on bread.
and that was it. fireworks. fireworks and cows. how was i to know?
pizza face. home is neither a place i was or where im going.
my friend loved the story. i delight in telling you that.
crazy yes i agree. no apologies. the name of the game is bed. you made it.
sleep, my long haired friend.
keeping up with them was never my game or yours. that alone i thought we could exist on.
you spoke of peas or was it peace. i spoke of chemical free scarfs and traveling with no shelf life.
or was it half life.
you knew i couldn't write that purty. oops purity. you knew that my brain existed partially in you.
i will give you this. you did warn me.
but running away with half was something i never thought you would do
so brigther days i saw again and brighter they still get.
room knees are awakening and breathing gets easier yet.
"i feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest" he and she both said.
only he was the only one that felt just that.
believe in it is what im trying to do, believing in you was the daily special.
we moved on to a new brand of goodness with only 120 calories a cup.
that is it. the story is told once again. today it was changed to yellow.
it spoke truth and falsehood. truth reigned.
you still inevitably exist but only in adventure land.
i spoke of him and them to them and they accepted the texas franc.
no feelings show. no world spinning madly. its silent.
you knew i was afraid of that.
apparently you knew a lot. i give you too much credit
i spoke high and you sat still
oh crap that wasnt you. focus executes my mind.
im retrograding into a past existence.
i just wanted you to know that ive kept your picture there. the one when you had lots of hair.
i keep you in the front. to be sure i see it. you are important, because He puts you first, and you were not a mistake.
you are worthy. trustworthy. you deserve greatness because you are greatness.
just thought i would tell you that.
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