Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Overly idealistic

My most recent blog, prior to this one, was entitled intimacy. I hope before reading this blog you may take a few minutes to read the previous blog so that you will understand where I am coming from, but in summary the blog talked about marriage.
My friend teresa read my blog via email and this was what she said:

In a perfect world I love everything you said.
What is your thought on Divorce? How do you interpret what the Bible says about it? What if the guy isn’t living up to the vows he made? Where do you think the line is drawn there? I am curious to hear from another young Christian woman and share these thoughts with my friends.

Idealistically, I would like to say never when it comes to divorce. That divorce should never be an option and that there is never a line. Stay with me now because I am not much of an idealist. I would believe, although I am not much of a bible scholar, that the bible calls us to love one another. And since in my last blog I said that marriage is our chance to love how Jesus loves us, wouldn't it go without saying that that love would be unconditional?
Perspectively, I have been in love twice in my life. I can honestly say that to this day, despite coarse words and rocky histories, that I still love these men just as much as I loved them then. I, also, can say without a doubt that we do not need to get married. Was there a point in both relationships when I considered marriage? Yes. I believe divorce comes back to the simple ideal of free will. For certain, God makes no mistakes, but for certain, I as well as the rest of humankind make plenty.
Now, what is that line? I am always shaky when it comes to lines. Lines concerning dating are absolutely an anomaly, and lines concerning divorce are no easier. I would imagine that to be a Christian woman your relationship would consist of three individuals. You, your spouse, and God. I believe the point at which divorce could be considered would be when only you are left in that mesh of wires. I don't believe a marriage can last without God because I believe to know God is to know unconditional love because God is love 1 John 4:7-8.
Embrasively, I would approach marriage idealistically. I believe that divorce has become an all to culturely friendly term, but also quite necessary at times. So first, neglect divorce as even an option. In fireproof, Caleb's father gives him a book called the love dare. It's some what of a "last straw" kindof deal. "Love is not a fight, but it is something worth fighting for", and call this naivity but I believe love will never die, only fade. Realistically, divorces will happen, and at many times for worthy causes. I do not believe in action without prayer and time. Jesus faught till the death for our salvation, so don't we owe him that same fight?
I would never condemn or judge a divorce. One beauty about this amazing creation is that we are all unique and that we all live our own lives in this beautiful world. Naturally, it makes it impossible for us to know everyones situation. I do believe in a most awesome God who is weaving day by day a tapestry of each of our lives, and just as there is a place for death, defeat, destruction, and disease; I also believe there is a place for divorce. I am not called to judge, but to teach. I am not called to condemn, but to love.

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