Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drug induced Flight (Frequent III)

I recently read a National Geographic article about a girl who decided to travel to Peru to find a "religious experience" from a shaman.  She took a drug administered by a shaman. Although the experience that she had on the drug (hallucinogen) was a negative one, she said that the following day when she awoke that the depression that she had been dealing with her whole life was suddenly lifted from her. She had seen a number of therapists ranging in types and in this short experience with a shaman and the hallucinogen her fight against years of depression was won.  Below is a passage  that she wrote in an article that was featured for National Geographic: 

I grew up among fundamentalist atheists who taught me we're all alone in the universe, the fleeting dramas of our lives culminating in a final, ignorable end: death. Nothing beyond that. It was not a prescription for happiness, yet, for the first couple decades of my life, I became prideful and arrogant about my atheism, believing that I was one of the rare few who had the courage to face life without the crutches of religion or worse such outrageous notions as shamanism. But for all of my overweening rationality, my world remained a dark, forbidding place beyond my control. And my mortality gaped at me mercilessly.

The search for happiness is undeniably something every person attempts at some point in their life. I would say it is a commonality in most peoples lives, but I dont want to over generalize.  Some people find happiness in long hours of work. Some people find happiness in hammering down at walls of the church.   Some people find happiness in the walls of church. Some people find happiness as a parent. Some people find happiness by traveling to Peru and have a drug induced escape of reality.  
Where does this search for happiness end?  Where is the ultimate happiness for you? Although I believe and have faith that I have found that true answer.  That true happiness in which is the beginning and the end to everything.  That true happiness that is not concerned with clothes or money or appearance.  I have found the happiness that endures all things, believes all things, hopes all things.  A happiness founded in truth, justice, mercy, honor, compassion and love.  What is your ultimate happiness? 

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