Thursday, January 15, 2009

Working it out.

Here I am. Once again. My week defined by just that: the week. When did drudging become a part of my life? Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday. Thank God its Friday. SATURDAY. SUNDAY. Oh here we go again.
I never wanted to be that kind of person. I would rather be moved by the wind. By the changing seasons. From snow cap mountain to shining sea. I would prefer my velocity be measured in steps across the vast terain and not hourly wages or intoxicating homework.
I want to be free more than anything. I painted my skin with the word "Simplicity" so that daily I would be reminded. Yet, everyday, in this frigid winter I put on my socks and shoes, pick up my backpack and turn the key yet again. Am I forgetting who I am or doing what I need to do?
I figured this morning that I am not a fan of individual journeys. I embark in life to be loved and to love. It is as simple as that. Life holds no purpose in salaries or degrees.
I love to roam the world unannounced. To be free from circumstance and lost in experience. Faith is not about understanding its about believing. Its not about a bureaucracy or a creed. Its about love simple and divine. So simple, so divine, just like nature or the wind.
Much different than my drudgery. Much different than my fall.

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