Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Milk trumps computer

I will start from the beginning, because I often find that is a very good place to start.
Last night as I was climbing into my ever so comfy bed and I rolled over to set the alarm for today, I decided that I was not going to set an alarm.
Fridays I do not have class, and I am suppose to be at work at nine. I knew that it wasnt nessecary for me to be there right at nine because today was a special conference and everyone would be away that generally has work for me to do. (Further more, I was right because right now I am sitting in my office righting this blog having done nothing all day except twiddle my thumbs)
I decided that since generally on saturdays I rise early to fight my homework the rest of the day that this Friday I was going to just sleep in a little bit.
I woke up today at 8:50 feeling very rested and ready to great the rest of my week.
I got in the shower, got dressed. you know general morning routine. I looked at the clock and since it was already 930 decided I would pack some breakfast to eat at work.
I got together essentials for the day including my computer, some books to read, my day planner, purse etc.
I packed some lunch and then some cereal. I put some milk in a tuperware bowl and put all of my food for the day in a lunch box. I was a little worried about the milk spilling so I made sure to carry it down extra carefully to my car. When I got to my car, I made sure to place the lunchbox upright and through in my gym bag, purse, and backpack.
When I parked at school, I opened my backseat to get out my stuff. I looked down on the floor at my backpack and suddenly realized, that it was upside down and that was the bag that my computer was in! I pulled out my backpack and other items and began walking to work.
Thats when I started thinking, how was it that I paid so close attention to make sure that my milk didnt spill that I neglected my computer?
But isnt this what we do in our daily lives? Dont we often get so overwhelmed with the nit picky little things that we forget about whats really important.
I knowthat I am definately guilty in this beyond the recent milk trumping computer experience.
I look at my schedule and realize that I have scheduled out down the minute ( part of my anal retentive nature) everything in my life. It's not a matter of just doing it but checking it off. I am actually guilty of writing down on my calendar call Ashley on the day of her birthday and checking it off after doing so. The same goes for my volunteering, school, work and sometimes even showering. It seems as though I get so caught up in finishing a task rather than actually enjoying it. When will it be that I will actually write down "pray" or "read bible" only to add a BIG CHECK after completing.
Life is so precious and each day is a gift from God. He is the most important thing, but sometime I know that I put other less important things in front of him. Never do I want to check off God from my list. I want him to be real, active and present in every way and thing in my life. Isn't that the beauty of grace in that it is always just these very things "real, active and present". God seeks us from the very beginning and he never ever gives up on us. God's love is unending and POWERFUL. AMen?

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