Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The bed bug ate my sleep

have grown very fond of sleep these past few weeks. Not excessively, but I have felt much better in greeting the day when i get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
I work in the morning at 8 and so tonight I laid in bed about 1030. I didnt have any problem getting right to sleep.
You may be looking at the time of this blog and be thinking its 2:45 in the morning!
Well you see what happened was...I left my phone on my bed stand (which I seldom do) and I received a text message at 130 (which also seldomly happens).
So here I am, one hour and fifteen minutes later, a clean apartment later, and soon with another blog under my belt.
So bed bugs. I remember hearing time and time again "Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite" as a child.
Now, Ive heard that bed bugs exist although I hope to never see one or much less get bit by one, so why is it that we tell our children this? It's not like it brings on the most pleasant of dreams. The idea of a bug biting you while you sleep? In fact, it seems a little nightmare-ish.
And furthermore, we add sleep tight. Now I dont know about you, but if i had bugs biting me in my bed the last thing I would want to do is sleep tight. This brings the image of not being able to get away from them once you realize you are being bitten.
Even if bed bugs were figurative, I cannot imagine that symbolically they could mean anything too heartwarming. Perhaps bed bugs are worries, to-do lists, errands, or text messages. I dont remember having things like these run through my head or interrupt my sleep as a child.
But maybe thats just the trick! Maybe when parents wish for their children "Sleep tight", they are allowing for all of their worries and such to fade away for a good nights rest.
So for you I wish in a most figurative way.....

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