Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am 10000000 women

When I was a kid, and I lived at home, my mom would say " I'm not a maid, I'm your mother".

My mother is right. She was not my maid. But don't you feel as though, despite whatever title you like to refer to yourself as (mother, daughter, wife, sister, etc), that there are so many other titles that go along with that.

You are a single woman, and yet often it feels as though you are representing 10000 women in your everyday life.

The other day, I went to research in the morning. I am a student. I am a researcher. I am a scientist.
I then drove to Maumelle where I helped my brother with his computer. I am computer technician.
I talked with my mom and then my brother and I drove to North Little Rock. I am a daughter. I am a friend. I am a sister. I am taxi cab driver.
In North Little Rock, I met with a group of my peers who preach on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the junior high and senior high environments. I am a dreamer. I am a Christian. I am a thinker. I am a note taker. I am a leader
After, we left there, I drove back to Maumelle where I met with the youth director for the church. (I am a singer-shh) I am a friend. I am creative. I am a bad driver. I am a texter.
I drove to conway to see "Irish Jam Session". I am a patron of the arts. I am a smoothie connoisseur. I am a friend. I am a dead-beat drummer. I am a passenger.
I drove to Willy-D's piano bar to see some friends. I am a friend. I am a giggler. I am impatient. I am an 80's music junkee. I am tired.

Other days you might catch me being an employee. A sister. I am sad. I am angry. I am happy. I am pet-friendly. I am a babysitter. I am a crier and a laugher. I am a maid. I am a servant and I am served.

I love all these things that I am to all these different people. I sure I could have come up with many more, but you get the idea. I am also sure that you too could think of all the millions of roles you take on on a daily basis.

i am all of these things. titles. people.

I have heard more than one sermon concerning "I am" statements of ourselves.

And yet each one ends the same.

They say that of all these roles that we take on. Out of all these things we use to define ourselves. Our "About me" sections on Emwomen or facebook or myspace.

In the rush of fulfilling our roles and deserving our titles, do we forget what titles we should esteem above all the rest:

I am my Savior's. I am His. I am my Beloved's. I am a daughter of God the Father Almighty.

This is enough for me. These titles given to me by the grace of my Lord are not deserved. They are given to me by grace through faith.

When we revere these titles as the most important, all of our other titles will be the temples by which we spread the good news.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! He is the headline, and I am the ink!

So that when all other things go away, we will know our most authentic title, the one that will extend past all titles of this world.

You will always be your Beloved's, and He will be yours.

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