Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's been a long wait but its finally here.
The movie fireproof comes out this friday, and I am uber excited. I already know that this movie is one that I will purchase and keep on my shelf to hopefully watch in the future with my future spouse (God-seeking and willing), for friends who are having trouble in relationships, and perhaps someday for my children when they are considering marriage.
I find myself some what of a paradox when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. I am very liberal in many fews both economically and socially, however, when it comes to the value and sanctity of marriage I am much more conservative. I run around with many friends who consider marriage to be a convention of the past. That marriage is something brought onto us by our government to control taxes. But marriage is much much more than this. Marriage is a rite that was deemed holy by the church. I believe that in saying vows with another you are locking yourself in a relationship good or BAD, beautiful or UGLY, life or DEATH. I think that Marriage gives us a chance to love how Jesus loved us. He did not look at the tax collectors or aldulterers or sinners (as we all are) and condemn them, but rather he loved them and never gave up on them as he still does today with all of us.
However, I believe there are many misconceptions about marriage. I dont believe that marriage closes the door on mistakes. I dont believe when you put on a ring that that ring signifies perfection of the other person. I believe that that ring signifies that you are entering into a perfect relationship with God holding the hand of another wretch just like yourself. Rather than closing doors, you are opening yourselves together into a relationship that will be deemed blameless in the sight of God not in its perfection but in its journey towards perfection. It opens the door to forgiveness without persecution. Love without judgement. God loves us a most perfect way, and in marriage we have the opportunity to love each other this same way.
Although I am simply rephrasing : I have more than a miles distaste for most conventions, but marriage is something most precious and holy. This past week my preacher said something that touched me at my core. He said that in life your two most intimate relationships should be one with Christ and two with your spouse. Isn't this a beautiful thought? and doesnt it also put things into perspective?
Youre most intimate relationships should be with Christ and your spouse. Considering this level of intimacy, one of the most important parts would have to be time. I hope that as I grow older and grow in both my relationship with Christ and also with my future spouse that I will use this as a key as to where I spend my time. Our most intimate relationship is not supposed to be with our boss, or our friends, or a bartender, or a coworker, or with your teachers, but isn't it true that most often we would spend more TIME with these people that perhaps with Christ or our spouse.

I will be praying for each of you as you journey in your relationship with Christ, your spouse, your future spouse, or in your single life, that you will be seeking perfection!
Post hoc ergo proctor is God. Marriage is love. God is love. Marriage is God.
God bless your life, your marriage, and your spouse!

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