Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Newer Beginnings

Hey guys,
Ive broken down and gotten a blog, and by that I mean a public blog as opposed to the EMWOMEN site that only allows members to see. I posted past blogs. My newest blog, TIME, is at the end of all the past ones. Some of the past blogs are obviously from the summer, but I just wanted to get all of them in one place. This will also probably be what I update when I go to spain and if i have internet when I go to Honduras just to let you know how my life is and such. Right now Im still laboring away at school junk. Two Spanish Classes. Two history Classes and Bio seminar. My final project however might kill me, but Ill be sure to keep you updated. But if it all works out, I will graduate in May. If you are still in Little Rock, Im going to be preaching this sunday (scary scary) at FUMC Maumelle at 6:30 you are welcome to attend :), however, if you are not already volunteering and you show up I might con you into staying forever just so you know. hehe. Please be praying for me 'cause Im really scared.
I hope you continue to enjoy my blogging world.
Much love to all. PEACE!
Alli Marie

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