Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Time. Its something I deal with everyday both on a gradiose scale and a minute scale. As I roll over when my alarm clock abruptly awakes me in the morning, I think about the least amount of time it could possibly take me to get ready in the morning. I think about time concerning assignments for school. I wish time away as I sit at work and twiddle my thumbs avoiding reading Montaigne or do Spanish homework. Time is a valuable commodity, but cannot be sold, borrowed, stolen, or erased. Ive heard some say they have killed time, but it seems to be quite alive to me.
Rarely, however, do I think about time in seconds. Seconds. It seems so juvenile. Impertanant. When you are an overly motivated individual such as my self, and the value of time is equal to accomplishments, there seems to be absolutely nothing productive that can occur in time period of seconds. I understand that it is with seconds that we gain minutes, hours, days, and years. But lets, (just for a giggle), consider each second a consumer of its own. Each individual second just as important as a year. Each second wanting to be stolen, borrowed, erased and sold just the same as any other scale of time. Its probably a lot easier to kill a second considering it is much smaller than its older brothers the day or the year. As small as it seems, a second is actually quite mighty and what you do with your seconds could actually make or break you. The time from when you inject your arm with a needle to the time heroin reaches your brain is 4 seconds. After a drag off a cig, its takes half that amount of time...2 seconds. It takes seconds to shake someones hand, smile, and say "Hello, How are you?" and recieve a response. It takes seconds to put your seatbelt on. It takes seconds to say "No" to a child who is asking to play with you. It takes seconds to say "yes". It takes seconds to pull a trigger on a gun and shatter a life. Seconds to flood your mind with words of hate.  Faggot. Nigger. Dike. Bitch. Whore. And once again, seconds to flood your mind with words of love.  Beautiful.  Intelligent.  Gifted. Exceptional. Unique. Prosperous. Influential. Life-changing.  Seconds. What you do in these seconds, can infact have greater impact on your life than an entire year. Dont you agree? Every second counts. I would even venture to say that what you do every seconds could define your life more than 10 years. 20 years. Who is the stronger time span now? Seconds create ripples. These ripples you might define as minutes, days, hours, and years. But just the same, they started as seconds.  
Approach every second as if it were the moment to define you.

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